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Bosch 044 External Fuel Pump

Bosch 044 External Fuel Pump

Product Details

  • Product Code Bosch044
  • Manufacturer Bosch

The famous Bosch '044' fuel pump, a synonym for fuel delivery in the world of performance tuning. This is truly established pump with a large following of users all over the world. A single '044' can handle up to around 700hp at the flywheel on NA applications and up to 600hp on turbo/supercharged vehicles. They've been a consistent winner for consumers who are looking for a reliable, quality built fuel pump upgrade.

As performance levels increase via greater airflow efficiency or higher boost levels, fuel delivery is crucial in maintaining proper air/fuel ratios and developing the maximum amount of true horsepower possible. The Bosch 044 in-line fuel pump upgrade can replace the factory pump on any car to maximize fuel flow for high boost applications, especially where the factory injector pulse duration is substantially increased or where additional or larger injectors are utilized.

  • Flows 200 litres per hour at 5 bar & is rated at approx 700 HP
  • EFI Fuel Pump (External)
  • This is most commonly refered to as the bosch motorsport pump

Fuel Pump Connections:

  • Inlet: M18 x 1.5
  • Outlet: M12 x 1.5
  • Electrical: Positive M6 / Negative M5

Worried about fakes? No worries! Bosch has listened to the distributors to introduce a way to verify product authenticity. Bosch 044's now include a security coded seal on the box which you simply enter on the Bosch Protect website here, this ensures you've received a genuine Bosch product from us. The box you will receive will have a full code like one of the examples below: 

Bosch Fuel Pumps