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Link G4+ Wire In

All Link G4 ECUs use the same processor with identical firmware/software. Therefore each model has the same features. The difference between models lies in the number of inputs and outputs. This in itself limits the number of functions that may be used.

All Link ECUs based on the G4 platform have the following features:

  • Fully configurable system which can be setup by the user to suit an almost countless number of different engine configurations using factory sensors.
  • User definable digital triggering to suit a wide range of trigger patterns.
  • High resolution fuel and ignition tables with user definable load and rpm boundaries (up to 22 x 20)
  • Dual Fuel, Ignition and Boost Tables switchable via digital input or auxiliary output
  • User definable inputs and outputs
  • Real-time logging and programming of all parameters
  • Dual 2D or 3D boost control tables with air and water temperature corrections. Can also use a boost adjust knob or boost by gear.
  • Idle Speed Control
  • Individual Cylinder Trimming (3D Mappable)
  • DisplayLink Compatible
  • 3D mappable water or nitrous oxide injection
  • Anti-Lag, Launch Control and Flat Shifting
  • Continuous Cam Timing Control (e.g. late model WRX and EVO9)
  • on-board USB for PC Tuning without adaptors
  • QuickTune - automated tuning of fuel delivery