Mitsubishi 4B11 Components


Conceived at Mitsubishi’s “World Engine” powertrain plant in Japan, the 4B1 engine range is an alloy, inline-4 piston engine. After founding the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance in 2002, they joined Hyundai and Chrysler and introduced a new line of 1.8, 2.0 and 2.4-litre petrol powertrains from which the 4B1 came from. Mitsubishi aims to produce cars that are fun to drive and although they aren’t as much of a household name as Toyota, Honda or Nissan, Mitsubishi is up there with some defining car models that deserve more recognition than they get.

As part of the range, the 4B11 is most commonly seen in the Mitsubishi range. The DOHC four-cylinder engine produces a free-revving character with a wide torque curve and linear power delivery. Reliability is established with a timing chain and iridium spark plugs to lower emissions. Mitsubishi took steps to reduce weight and noise with a plastic cam cover and intake manifold, and a custom-tuned insulator for the front and rear mounts which also reduce vibration for smoothness.

The 16-valve, 2.0 L engine is installed in some of the most popular Mitsubishi models, such as the Outlander, Lancer, ASX and Eclipse Cross. Shop for engine rebuild packages, head components, bottom end components and service kits for the 4B11 with NZ Performance.

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