As perhaps the most integral component, it is the engine that puts the personality into our vehicles. Japanese automotive manufacturer, Subaru, first introduced the EJ series of engines in 1989. This four-stroke engine initially appeared under the hood of the popular Legacy model and has been a reliable and powerful ally for car owners ever since. 

After being the primary choice of engine for many Subaru models, production of the EJ20 ceased in 2020 after long setting the standard for Subaru quality. A 2.0 litre, four-cylinder, gasoline boxer engine, the EJ20 has aluminium cylinder blocks with dry cast iron sleeves inside. It is common to find these definitive Subaru engines in Legacy, Forester and Impreza models across the past two decades.

The commonality and popularity of Subaru’s here in New Zealand is in no small part due to the EJ20 and its production longevity. As specialists in Japanese export cars, the team at NZ Performance is at hand to offer knowledge and advice on modifying your car. Come to us if you need our expertise in helping you find the best high-quality parts and engines for performance vehicles.



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