The Subaru FA engine is a gasoline boxer-4 engine used in Subaru and Toyota automobiles. It is a derivative of the FB engine, with efforts to reduce weight while maintaining durability as the main design goals. Although the FA and FB engines share a common platform, the FA shares very little in dedicated parts with the FB engine, with a different block, head, connecting rods, and pistons.

The FA series engine was developed for the Subaru BRZ and the first FA engine, the FA20D, was designed to be mounted as low as possible and to minimize the polar moment of the chassis to improve dynamic response and handling. The FA engine features a shallower oil pan and shorter intake manifold to reduce overall engine height compared to the Subaru FB engine. The FA and FB engines share few parts.

A direct injection-only turbo variant of the FA20, the FA20F, was introduced in late 2012 with the 2012 Legacy GT (for the Japanese market) and in the United States, the 2014 model year Subaru Forester. Compression ratio for the turbo engine falls to 10.6:1 from 12.5:1 for the FA20D. A revised variant of the FA20F was introduced for the 2015 model year Subaru WRX; in this application, the camshafts, rocker arms, boost pressure, intercooler, and exhaust were revised to increase peak output

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