The revered line of RB engines from Nissan includes the hugely popular RB26, a 2.6 litre inline-6 engine manufactured initially for use in the Skyline GT-R. The RB series have a cast-iron engine block and an aluminium cylinder head.

Whilst the RB family powered a wide range of the Japanese car manufacturer’s models from the mid 80s to mid 00s, it also dominated world touring-car racing for years and was used in one of Japan’s most beloved supercars. The iconic series of engines from Nissan is defined by the RB26 with its durable nature and progressive tunability being a testament to Japanese performance from that era.

When RB26 engine manufacturing ceased, it was met with opposition from Nissan lovers. Get your hands on it today at NZ Performance. Speak to one of our specialists for more advice on Japanese performance vehicles and the high-quality parts we provide. Our team is always ready to help.



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