The engine of any car is where the soul lies and there is plenty of life in Nissan’s SR family of engines. The SR20DET is a high-performance, inline four-cylinder engine that replaced the CA family due to expense and emission standards in Japan. It was first produced in the Nissan Bluebird 2000SSS before being used in the Silvia, the longest-running model to use it.

The SR20DET is an inter-cooled engine. ‘20’ stands for 2 litre with ‘DET’ standing for dual overhead camshaft, electronic fuel injection, and turbocharged. Engine identifications lacking the letter ‘D’ indicates a SOHC cylinder head.

Nissan’s most popular four-cylinder engine has been a versatile mainstay in the car manufacturer’s production line for years. The venerable SR series is a firm favourite in the eyes of Nissan owners. Here at NZ Performance, we can offer support and advice when looking to modify your vehicle with expert knowledge in the field of Japanese import performance vehicles and components. We stock high-quality, genuine parts and provide you with the best price on the market.


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