In this day and age of performance cars whether you be into Japanese Imports or Muscle cars we are all pretty familiar with the term "LS the world"

We have now been supplying parts for popular Japanese engines for since 2003 and at the risk of sounding pretentious we think we do a bloody good job of it.

Dealing with the likes of CP, Eagle, Manley etc has given us a great supplier network that we deal with on a regular basis.  Due to this fact we have had customers come to us, who have enjoyed dealing with us in the past with Japanese performance parts, requesting specific parts for engines we don't normally deal with (most of which are LS based) and we have always been happy to help.  Being that we have weekly shipments coming from the states this also allows us to get these items in a timely fashion.

With the lines now being blurred between import and muscle with both parties learning and using items from both sides of the table we decided now is the time to open our services to the LS community to offer them parts at the best price we can and in most cases within 10 working  days.

To be totally transparent LS engines are not our specialty however selling parts and providing good customers service is.  So if you need parts for your LS build or you are struggling to find someone locally to help out with what you want, let us know via the enquiry box below.  Include as much information as you can and where possible supply us some part numbers and we will be in touch ASAP with pricing and a timeframe to get your parts.

In the mean time we have added some of our existing Holden related products to the gallery below and intend to extend this range as we get a feel for what the LS community want and as our product knowledge grows.  So wild or mild hit us up below as we are ready and waiting to help you out.